An Always-On World

In a single minute online, 70 new domains are registered and 571 new websites are created, while simultaneously there are 1.8 million likes on Facebook, 204 million emails sent, and 278,000 tweets posted. There are millions of interactions, transactions, and publications within just 60 seconds of the day, but stretch that to 24 hours, and you’ll see over 5 trillion dollars’ worth of currency traded within the Forex Market, an exclusively online stock market that never closes. The political, economic, and social realms are all dominated by the same thing; the internet.
Over the past decade, the global landscape has changed dramatically; anything from the explosion of social media platforms to self-driving cars. The world we live in now is expanding and changing at an ever-growing rate, and one thing is clear–the internet is right in the middle of it all.​

​The social, “always-on” landscape that we live in encapsulates everything from entertainment to politics, and, more importantly, to business and the economy. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have changed the way social media and website creation mesh, with an easy system in place for the webmaster to update, change, and improve content without having significant downtime or spending hours on labor. In fact, WordPress alone powers over 25% of all websites, professional and personal alike, which is a good demonstration of how an integrated system, with all the parts working together in unison lead to a successful product. Why does all of this matter? If someone is looking for their business to grow, to be more productive, and to have effective and cheap marketing that catches the consumer’s attention, then they need an eye-catching, innovative, and easy to modify web- and social media platform.

​The rise of CMS’s has also lead to countless individuals who claim to offer professional IT services, but how can you know that they offer an affordable, reliable service that you can bank on? The price ranges you will see from various companies on the cost of website creation, graphic design, and social media management all speak volumes; you need a trustworthy, experienced IT service provider.

A huge battle of finding the correct IT professional is that for many who are looking to build a website or media project for their business are not IT professionals themselves, meaning that it can be difficult to understand everything that is in front of you. This can make it a daunting and frustrating task to find the IT professional to best fit your’ and your business’s needs.

Think IT STL can simplify the problem, remove the headache and frustration, all while providing experienced, transparent, and professional IT services. We remove all the fishy pricing practices by being open and honest about costs, labor, and guide you through the process to select the best service to get the job done. Whether it be a website built from the ground up, a driven and targeted social media campaign, or even asset and hardware management, we can provide everything you need to bring your business into the internet age. ​

Tired of the same run-around and ridiculous charges that leave you questioning if you really need all of the extra bells and whistles your old IT provider pushes? Contact us today for a free, simple, and 100% transparent consultation, and let Think IT STL show you how simple and hassle-free it is to create a spectacular internet presence for your business!

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